Some helpful software info...

I have had many questions about what software I use to merge appliques and fonts and I wanted to let everyone know that I use Sew What Pro.

You can find info about Sew What Pro at

They have a trial version that last 30 days that is FREE! And if you like it you can purchase the software for only $65 bucks! It is very user friendly and a very resonable price! Please let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Other orders...

The first shirt has a plane applique from Applique Cafe with Myles merged in using the Whoa Nelly font from 8 Claws and a Paw. The second shirt is just a double square patch that is from Embroidery Boutique and I merged in Myles using the Millie font from Jolson's Designs. The little beach scene with letter applique came from Planet Applique.
Love me some sweet baby gifts....the above order was for a co-workers nephew. The dog applique can be found at Applique Cafe and the font I used to merge in his name was Cleopatra from 8 Claws and a Paw. The little froggie applique can be found at Nobbie Neez Kids and the font I used to merge in his name is called Architect and can be found at G G Designs.
This sweet little number was for a good friend of mine, Autumn. We had a surprise baby shower for her at one of our Bible Studies. The L applique is the Landon applique font from Planet Applique and I honestlly can't remember what font I used with that applique L. The turtle applique on the gown can be found at Planet Applique and the font I used for the name is called Cleopatra font from 8 Claws and a Paw. The gator patch can be found at Applique Frenzy. The gown came from Blanks Boutique and the burp cloths came from BabiesRUs!

Beach Wear!!

Again....I am so BEHIND on posting lots of cuteness....Here are a few things I made for my kids for the beach. Cute little alligator applique I found on Pick and Stitch website.
These ADORABLE swimsuit were bought from Blanks Boutique and I added the zig zag version of the applique crab from Applique Momma! LOVE LOVE how these turned out!!

Some close up pics...

Another cute little applique. This fish can be found at Applique Cafe. And all the shirts I used for Max were from Walmart. I used the garanimals t-shirts. Can't beat that price of 3.88 for a tee!
A sweet little outfit. I got the shorts from Kelly's Kids and I picked up the polo at Target and embroidered this fish from Planet Applique. 

Another ADORABLE swim set. The girls suit I got from Smockadot Kids and the boys suit from Blanks Boutique. I used the monogram font 1 from Zoey's Designs on Em's suit and used the monogram font Times New Roman from My Glam Boutique.

Close ups pics of the suits!

This sweet little number got lots of comments. The shirt is from Monag and the skirt from Kelly's Kids. I appliqued the sailboat on the shirt from Applique Momma and merged in the embroidered E from the Dollhouse font from The Itch 2 Stitch.

This shirt came from Blanks Boutique and the Shorts from a local boutique called The Happy Heart. I actually had some turquoise gingham fabric that matched! Score! Put this little sand bucket applique on the shirt from Applique Market and merged in Em's monogram using the Monogram 1 font from Zoey's Designs! 
I had a few more pieces that I made for the kids but forgot to take pics of one...One off hand is a really cute raggy shark applique I made for Max and some of the others were just monogrammed tops to go with some cotton skirts for Em.

Monday, May 27, 2013

head start on summer clothes...

This post has been on my "To Do" list for some time now...I haven't actually made anything in the past few weeks. Most of this was done in March and beginning of April ;)
First dress...from Old Navy. I just slapped a cute monogram on it using Zoey's Designs Monogram 1 font!
This dress is from Just Blanks and I put this sweet sweet applique on it from Applique Cafe! I am actually going to use this as a dress/cover up for my daughter this summer!
Dress #3 is also from Old Navy! I put the Anchor applique from Applique Cafe and merged her name together using the Dollhouse font from The Itch 2 Stitch. I should have made the name bigger...but you live and learn right?! Still cute none the less!
4th item is a tank from Garanimals that I put the raggy cross on from Embroidery Boutique. The skirt is also Garanimals from Walmart!!
5th item is a Just Blanks dress. I just put a bold Curlz E on it 8 Claws and a Paw.
6th outfit is a tank from Old Navy (found on clearance last yr for 2 bucks!) and these shorts are from Smockadots (another deal/end of yr clearance I think I got for $10) I used the ice cream patch applique from The Itch 2 Stitch. It didn't turn out to be my favorite fabric choices. I really want to get some new fun chevron fabrics for appliques. I have a few but now there are so many more options!! I have been getting a lot of my fabrics from TJ fabrics online!! It is a GREAT source for online fabrics!! Love it!!
7th outfit is a shirt from Blanks Boutique and a skirt from Kelly's Kids. I actually picked the skirt up at the sale I went to last yr and just decided to put a simple tee with a monogram with it. I used the Monogram 1 font from Zoey's Designs again! Just love this monogram for Em!!
8th outfit is a dress from Kelly's Kids that I picked up at the sale. I put a Curlz E on using my Curlz font from Jolson's Designs.
Outfits 9 and 10 I picked up on clearance at The Happy Heart in Arlington. I put a Curlz E on the purple outfit using the Curlz font from Jolson's Designs and put a Girly E on the turquoise outfit using a girly font from My Glam Boutique!
And lastly outfit 11...MY FAVE!! My first attempt at a tank dress. I used a Old Navy tank (another one I picked up last yr for 2 bucks) and cut it off and added fabric to the bottom. It turned out so stinking cute and I just LOVE it on Emery!! Can't wait to take some pics of her at the beach in this sweet dress!! Again I used the Monogram font 1 from Zoey's Designs.
Now to get back sewing all the other things I want to make her for our beach trip and this summer.....

Thursday, April 11, 2013

easter outfits!!

Made a few shirts for Ms Emery for Easter!! She had visit from the Easter bunny one day at school and an Easter egg hunt one day so I made a shirt for each day ;) 
This cute little bunny applique came from Applique Cafe. I used minky fabric for the bunny which was Emery's favorite part!! She loved how soft her "oh so cute" bunny was!! Shirt and pants are from Monag. I love love love these cotton ruffle pants for girls!! They are so soft and just really seem so comfortable!

This other adorable Easter applique is from Applique Market. There were actually embellishments that were suppose to embroider on top of the eggs but I choose to use fun fabrics and delete those steps. I found the ruffled green ribbon at Hobby Lobby to use for the grass. You can really use anything there like ric-rac, tulle,  plain ribbon, etc. Love how it turned out and I paired it with the same pink Monag ruffled pants!! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A few girly things!

A few things for Miss Em....
First up a girly font from My Glam Boutique and I merged in some little flowers I also got from the same site. Super cute!! I got a few other things to merge in with monograms. I hope to have a little fun with that in the near future!!
A cute little raggy split heart from Planet Applique! Super easy and CUTE!!!
And lastly a cute little cotten dress from Old Navy. I monogrammed her initials using the Monogram Font 1 from 8 Claws and a Paw.

Baby Gifts!!

Haven't made too many things in the past few months...although I have spit out a few baby gifts!! First up is a sweet little gift for my friend and co-worker Cara. I used the Applique Cafe baseball glove applique and merged in the name using the Cleopatra font from 8 Claws and a Paw. Then made the little baby toy (a in the hoop design) from GG designs also merged in the name using Cleopatra.
For some church friends....Baby Eden got a onesie with Applique Cafe's zigzag butterfly applique with Eden merged in using Grins and Giggles font from Applique Frenzy. The bib is done using Embroidery Boutique's cross applique and I merged in the word blessed using the Chloe font from Embroidery Boutique.
Next sweet baby gift for a church friend. Bib is same as above. The onesie I merged in the name using the Love Letters font from Jolson's Designs. 
Baby blankets with Madison's name using the Love Letters font from Jolson's Designs. Simple and CUTE!!
And lastly a baby gift for someone else to give. A GO TIGERS gown. I used the paw print from Embroidery Boutique and merged in the Go Tigers using the Millie font from Jolson's designs.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter ONEderland Birthday!

I got the pleasure of making a FIRST birthday shirt for my friend Ann Marie's sweet baby boy Colton!!
She was doing a Winter ONEderland them and wanted something boyish!! She sent me a few ideas and I sent her a few ideas...all of which we found looking on the Internet. However, I decided to make a few of my own. This little number came together with the help of many different digitizers ;) First up the applique 1 is from the Landon Applique Font from Planet Applique. The snowman applique is from Applique Market. I merged in his name using the Scooter font from Jolson's Designs. And lastly, the snowflakes actually came from part of an applique/embroidery design off of Planet Applique. The design was Be Merry. I just deleted the Be Merry part and moved the snowflakes around until they looked good on the design I merged together. A lot of steps but it turned out SUPER CUTE and I had one HAPPY Momma!! So in the end it was TOTALLY worth it!!